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Healthy is beautiful

We create skincare products that are as simple as possible. Pure ingredients, readable labels, honest recipes made with lots of understanding, care and love.
We are interested in health rather than decoration.


What is the problem with conventional cosmetics?

There are several. The big one is that there are so many available products. You might think you need more than just one product for a certain job. Conventional cosmetic companies lead you to believe you need a day cream, a night cream, one for wrinkles, one to hydrate, another to fight free radicals and yet another one for moisturising. It's really hard to choose the correct one. It's totally insane. One of the reasons for this is that the conventional products contain only very little active ingredient. The majority of the product ingredients are usually water or some other chemical filler, thickening or foaming agents. These are usually very cheap, so there is a lot of profit to be made.
Angel dusting is a part of marketing strategy in the cosmetic industry. It means that the amount of active ingredient in a product is so little that its effect is next to nothing. It is there only to market the product. For example, if the shea butter in a shea butter body cream is number 35 on the list of ingredients, it means there's more of those other 34 ingredients listed before the shea butter.

Another big problem with the conventional cosmetic products is water. Whenever water is introduced, a chain of unnatural preservatives must be added to keep mould, yeast and bacteria away. Those preservatives have a lot of risks associated with them and they are closely linked to irritation, allergies, cancer, hormone disruption and many others. Almost everything you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. What you put on your body should matter as much as what you put in your body.

Another problem with fragrances and perfumes is that they are almost always of synthetic origin or from compounds made up of hundreds of individual chemicals from an unknown source. These contribute especially to hormonal disruption and can have varying levels of toxicity.

Every time we use a simple conventional soap, it could contain industrial strength detergents like SLS or a foaming agent like SLES, and it strips off all the skins natural oil and skins' microbiome. That will lead to an even higher production of oil and acne breakouts or even drier skin than you had initially. You can search the Deep Skin Cosmetic Database to see the potential risks of using your favourite conventional cosmetic product http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/


Why use all natural products? Why use Green Laboratorium products?

All Green Laboratorium products are artisan in manufacture, designed to be unisex in use, hand crafted in small batches and some made in limited editions. We use all natural ingredients, including food grade herbs, butters and oils, as well as therapy grade essential oils with products supplied in reusable containers.
You have a minimal chance of irritation and allergies with practically no risk of cancer and toxicity associated with these natural materials. All natural ingredients are recognisable by our bodies and are easily taken in, making the best out of the supplied formulation. Green Laboratorium products have approximately 4 to 5 times higher percentage of active ingredients and potency compared with conventional cosmetics.

We do our best to use the smallest number of ingredients per product. We make them with lots of understanding, with clarity and honesty about the quality of the ingredients.
Absolutely no artificial preservatives, colouring, fillers, thickeners, synthetic chemicals, parabens, detergents, fragrances and perfumes are ever used. The easy to understand labels are designed in a way so that with one look you are able to make an informed decision about our products. The labels include a complete list of ingredients and how to use information.

We believe in supplying a well-informed and aesthetically pleasing product, designed to feel great on your skin as well as being visually well-balanced.

Only after removing all the harsh chemicals, fillers, colouring and fragrances the skin care can become a simple, nourishing, pleasant experience, with no guesswork. Once you take a step in this direction, there will be no turning back.

Healthy is beautiful.

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